Dr. Garfield O. Harvey

Intercultural Specialist and Global Leader


George Fox University - 2018

D.Min.: Leadership and Global Perspectives

Southeastern University - 2015

M.A.: Ministerial Leadership

Liberty University - 2010

Master of Religious Education

Liberty University - 2010

M.A.R.: Worship Studies​

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Dr. Garfield Harvey

Global Leader

Fear, The Impossible Dream.
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Do you believe you were created to make a difference but not know where to start? My leadership journey began in 1997 with that uncertainty. It wasn’t an easy road but proved to be necessary. Leading with limited resources produced creativity, but it often comes with fear. I’ve always dreamt of impacting the world and changing lives one person at a time. However, it seemed impossible because of my cultural identity as a native Jamaican. As a student of personal growth and development, I discovered that:


Culture is not a part of a person’s birth, neither is it biologically inherited; it is learned through the development of their lives and interactions with those around them. In other words, the learned behaviors are socially acceptable to the culture a person is born into.

For this reason, I have devoted myself to studies in cultural intelligence (CQ) and global leadership. There’s no greater mission for me than to help others realize that culture has immeasurable significance in the understanding of diversity and human interactions. My doctoral studies afforded research opportunities in several countries, coupled with the experiences with my Jamaican culture and broad American culture. The results of these 

studies became the catalyst for helping leaders manage the tension of leading globally and with cultural intelligence. Garfield and his wife Shermika (Mimi) have two boys: Brenten and Tyler.


Garfield enjoys teaching and inspiring people with personal stories and cultural principles that challenge them to consider adjustments. His research on cultural intelligence and global leadership are the basis of each presentation and is specific to the event, the audience, and involves humor and opportunities for interaction. Participants will leave each training with motivation and readiness to collaborate with others in a broad spectrum of cultural settings. They will also understand how some cultures differ from each other. Finally, participants will be able to plan their cultural engagement based on their new understanding of how to adapt to our globalized world.